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My TSP Vision University is a place to find information on on a variety of issues facing federal employees.  Video, articles, and white papers will be available to help answer many questions you may face during your career and as you plan your retirement.  As a federal employee you are very fortunate to have a great benefit package, although understanding how to maximize these benefits and coordinate them into your retirement plan can be a challenge.


Carol Schmidlin and Ann Vanderslice are financial advisors that have made it their mission to help federal employees understand the many challenges they face in understanding how to utilize federal benefits to optimize their retirement goals.  They are the drivers behind my TSP University and will be providing most of the videos, blogs and articles that we hope you will find helpful.  In addition, watch for other special guests, both in the federal world and financial world that will bring additional value to the education you will find at MyTSP University.


Make sure you frequently visit this section of the website to stay up to date on issues that may affect you.

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Thrift Savings Plan 101 - TSP Basics

Good course for employees newer to TSP. Description of the TSP funds and how the Lifecycle funds work. Considerations for allocating your TSP funds that reflect your time horizon and risk tolerance. Accessing your account, contributions, inter-fund transfers, and loans are some of the topics that are covered.


Thrift Savings Plan 201 - Allocating your TSP in Uncertain Times

This course goes into more depth on creating a portfolio based on risk return statistics that are appropriate for your individual needs. If you need to take a loan from TSP, learn how the process works and how his can impact your TSP. This course goes into the various options that you have for taking distributions from TSP once you retire.


Roth TSP - Understanding your Options

This course will fully describe the unique differences of Traditional TSP and Roth TSP, to help you decide what option (Traditional, Roth, or a combination of both) is most suitable for your individual needs. Gain an understanding of important tax implications by utilizing the Roth TSP while you are working as well as the tax implications in retirement.


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