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  About the TSP Plan

Implemented in January 1988 - originally there was only the G Fund.  In July 1988, F Fund and C Fund choices were added.

S and I Funds added in May 2001

Everyone could participate up to IRS limits in 2005

Largest defined contribution plan in the US with $341* Billion in assets, ~4.5 million participants with 68.8% of CSRS and 85.5% of FERS employees participating


1988 - 1999 average annual return was 19.4%


2000 - 2009 average annual return was (.94%)


10 Interesting Facts:  

1.  30% of federal workforce spends their entire career as a fed

2.  In 2013, only 7% of federal workforce is CSRS

3.  There are 1.5 million CSRS retirees - only 391K FERS retirees

4.  The majority of retirees are age 60-70 - but 1,295 are over 100!

5.  200,000 participants contributed the maximum amount to TSP

6.  562 TSP “millionaires” - 1 with $3.4 million!

7.  40 of TSP millionaires used only L Funds, 68 used combination of L and core funds and remainder used only core funds

8.  Average length of service for TSP millionaire - 24.8 years vs. 10.8 years for average TSP investor

9.  Total agency contributions in 2012 - $7,584,896,259

10.  Average employee contribution - ~$5,000

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